Saturday 22 April 2017


Matching Colors Using Baby Book & Toys

Age: From 11 months old

1. 1 Basket of toys with different colors to match
2. 1 Baby board book on color

1. Read the book on color (this can be done at a different time earlier, so that your baby is familiar with the book).
2. Arrange the toys in color in a circle shown in the picture above.
3. Place the toys in a basket.
4. Re-read the book on color, this time around, place the toy of the same color as the page, as you turned the page, and say the name of the color.
5. Continue if your baby shows interest, stop if she doesn't. If so, try it another time, when she is ready.

Additional Information:
Baby FECS (11M7D) has been showing interest in books in the past week. Whenever she explored the toy shelves, the compartment with books is the one she touched the most. In the morning, she would bring me a book that she picked and give it to me, asking me to read to her. Her favorite is the animal board book and this color book. I started showing her matching colors at her diaper changing station, by bringing up a toy color key of the same color as the color of the fish mobile. 

It donned on me that I could do the same with this baby color board book. I placed the pre-selected toys a basket. Then as I turned the page, I would place a toy of the same color on the page and say the name of the color. Baby FECS couldn't match the color herself yet i.e. bringing the toy and placing the toy on the page with the same color, but she was really thrilled, grinning and laughing as I was doing it. She seemed to know the concept. She tried to bring the toy of the same color to place on the page, but sometimes she placed a different color toy, so it wasn't so consistent.

But even if your baby doesn't quite understand the color matching game, it is a good way to teach color in a fun way. This game can be simplified with just one toy per color. I have chosen 3-4 toys per color here.

 3. Place the toys in a basket.

4. As you turn the page, place the toy of the same color on the page and say "Orange. This is orange. Orange goldfish, orange ball, orange cube, etc..."

 Place the red toys on the red page. Say, "Red. This is red... red car, red apple, red container, red triangle, red ball... etc.

On the multi-color page, place all the different color toys on it :-)

 22 April 2017 (11M7D): She is more interested in taking the toys out of the basket and putting them back into the basket today.

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