Sunday 30 April 2017


C Summary (11M15D): Baby FECS' First Lunch Box - Heart

Rye bread spread with broccoli puree, (green) sweet corn puree (yellow), chicken puree (white) and red pepper bell puree (red)

It's gonna be BABY FECS first day at vuggestue (day care) tomorrow. Will she cry? Will she get used to it? Maybe she wouldn't cry, but I will be the one to shed tears... tears of goodbye to her babyhood. I guess I will survive. After all, I have survived the day, when our Little FECS started daycare for the first time, right. I prepared her first lunch box tonight. Daddy FECS said over dinner that tomorrow marks a new chapter of our lives... Baby FECS will have her own activities and I will have my life back. I am filled with nostalgia for the last 11 months, since Baby FECS was born. It had passed by so fast, or maybe I have just zombied through it, half-awake and half-asleep, constantly lacking sleep with more things to do that time available.

I have felt that I have gotten nothing much done for the last 11 months, apart from getting Baby FECS to sleep and eat, and if I have a bit of energy left, to play with her (hardly) and bring her out.

With this new change, in fact, Daddy FECS has already handed me a new assignment - to clean the home, since our cleaning help has quit. Talk about getting my life back!!!

I am not so worried about Baby FECS not being able to adjust to day care. I am more worried about me. Would I be able to get used to it?

What shall I packed for a baby of 11 months old?

I prepared a similar lunchbox for our Little FECS, when he started vuggestue at 10 months old. So I repeated the same thing that I have done.

I also packed all her favorite food - strawberry, blueberries, sweet corn and her absolute favorite - goji berries (if I don' stop her, she can eat the whole packet!!!)

This is the very first lunch box I have made for Baby FECS. It will be very memorable to look back at it years from now.

How much time did I spend on it?

I have to confess, two full hours -  after Baby FECS went to bed from 7.30-9.30pm.

 First layer clockwise from left: Sweet corn, green peas, shredded carrots, apple slices without skin, blueberries.

The vuggestue told us during the first meeting that we have to peel the skin off apples and cucumber, since they can't bite it and are choking hazard. They also told us that raw carrots should not be included, since they are choking hazards.

I wanted her to get used to eating raw carrots, but raw carrots are too hard. It was actually our Little FECS who gave me this idea, when he made the carrot salad (which he learned from his after-school care) for us a couple of weeks ago. So I shredded the carrots for Baby FECS.

2nd layer clockwise from left: Rye bread and goji berries.

I have included sunflowers seeds and pumpkin seeds (since she still can't eat whole nuts yet).

I know I am going a bit overboard. Baby FECS is not going to finish such a big lunch box.

P.S. Ideas for future variation:

Boiled egg, cucumber without skin, small boiled chicken pieces, raisin, pear without skin, mango, water-melon, honey-dew, raspberries with raisins...

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