Friday 5 November 2010


Danish Open Sandwich Lunch Made with Homemade Baby Puree

From 8 or 10 months. J tasted this when he is 10.5 months.

Top from left: Carrot face, quinoa porridge, tahini paste face
Second row: Broccoli/carrot puree, black bean paste and broccoli face on organic
Third roll: Goatie and Catie made from broccoli, carrot, brown rice, sweet corn, mung bean puree/paste.

- 1 slice of organic Danish rye bread without salt and sugar (for those living in Lyngby, you can get it from Urtehuset in Lyngby Hovedgade)
- 1 cube of homemade frozen carrot puree (orange colour).
- 1 cube of homemade frozen broccoli puree (green colour).
- 1 cube of homemade sweet corn puree.
- Tahini spread (as healthy replacement of butter)
- 1 mashed egg yolk (on egg day 2-3 times a week)

1. De-thaw the vegetable and egg yolk food cubes and a piece of rye bread in the fridge overnight (assuming that you have made them and freeze it in batches).

2. In the morning, spread tahin on the bread.

3. Use the thawed puree as spread over breadSpread the vegetable puree on the bread. (You don't have to heat up the puree, as since it is de-thaw overnight in the fridge, it can be eaten cold)

Note: If you have the time, you can make funny faces like in the pictures to make it fun for baby. If you don't have the time, just spread it simply over the bread.

4. Pack it with the other food in the bento lunch pack, put it back to the fridge until it is ready to be eaten, for example, for lunch. But it must be eaten on the same day, it cannot be re-freezed.

You can put additional toppings on the bread. The puree spread on the bread already ensures a good nutrition to the baby, and is a easy and convenient way to sneak vegetables into baby's Danish rye bread diet. Thus anything extra will just be a bonus :-)

Additional Comments:
I was in a fix, what I should pack for J's lunch that is nutritious, and yet respecting the Danish culture of eating rye bread for lunch. I don't think that the toppings many parents put on top of the rye bread are so healthy. Then I thought of using home-made baby puree as spread and topping on the rye-bread, making it a perfect and healthy lunch for J :-)

J is soon turning 2 years old, and he has been eating this simple lunch pack since he entered the daycare at 10 months old. The lunch pack usually comes home empty. That's the advantage about daycare, it helps to make children less fussy about food. J can be quite fussy at home during lunch and dinner, but I have no problem having him eat such healthy "plain" food at the daycare.

Instead of carrot or broccoli, you can create variety by making french bean, green peas, sweet potatoes or pumpkin puree.

Instead of using tahin as spread, you can use hazelnut butter, almond butter, etc.

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