Friday 19 November 2010


Chinese-style Stir-Fry Beef/Kinesisk Stegt Oksekød/干炒牛肉[gān chǎo niú ròu]

My mum's recipe

Serves 4

Preparation & Cooking time: 20-30 minutes

- 2-3 onions cut in strips
- 2-3 carrots grated
- 300g beef cut into strips
- 1 TBS cooking oil
- 3-4 sprinkle of soya sauce
- 2-3 sprinkle of oster sauce (optional)
- Sea salt & pepper

1. Fry onions until golden brown

2. Add carrots.

3. Add beef and stir for a couple of minutes until beef is cooked.

4. Serve with rice.

Additional Information:
Florian requested this dish today. Each time I make this dish, it brought back memories of my parents' visit to Copenhagen last year. This is Florian's favourite dish made by my mom when she was here.

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