Friday 5 November 2010


Organic Danish Rye Bread/Rugbrød/黑麦面包 [Dān mài hēi mài miàn bāo]

Yapee... I finally found Danish rye bread from the store called Urtehuset from Lyngby Hovedgade (opp. Superbest) that does not contain salt and sugar - perfect for babies!

Made from whole grain rye flour without sugar and salt from the Lyngby health store. Cut into pieces and serve as finger food for baby. Good as healthy snack or to occupy baby while the family is having dinner. Freeze the rest. Can store for at least 1 month in the freezer in -18 degree celsius.

The bread is expensive (18 kr.) - 3-4 times more than normal bread. But it can be frozen and very convenient - just thaw in fridge overnight and serve. Compared to most other finger food, it is also very easy to clean up. Furthermore, bread as a finger food is less of a choking hazard, since it dissolves in the mouth.

Additional Information:
I don't serve white bread to J at all. Whole grain bread is much more nutritious. Unfortunately, the whole meal bread found in supermarkets are not up to standard - with added salt, sugar and additives (all the Es chemical). It is best to buy quality bread from the health store, or bake it myself to save cost. Although it is without salt and sugar, it is surprisingly tasty, J and also Daddy loves it.

Here is the link for baking it yourself. However, the recipe is only for adults as it contains whole seeds:

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