Saturday 20 November 2010


Make a schedule with your spouse

My Significant Other and I sat down and made a schedule in Excel. We came up with 4 scenarios on how we can get through our day, what time we should start work, what time we should drop J at childcare, what time we should pick him up, who takes what role.

You guess what my role is? I am the one responsible to make dinner, feed J and clean up. He is the one responsible for playing with J, bathing him, reading to him, giving him last milk if necessary and putting him to bed. And we pick the best scenarios that we can both accept.

If I fall behind by an hour, there is still tomorrow to try again.

If I fall behind by schedule by 15 minutes, I give myself a good pat on my shoulders for a job well done :-)

We review the schedule once a week or if we don't get to do it, once every two weeks during Couch Time.

This may not work for everyone, but it works for my Significant Other and my type of personality - plan, plan, plan, and put things down in Excel and lists and review.

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