Thursday 18 November 2010


Danish Rye Bread or Buns/Hjemmebagt Rugbrød Brød eller Boller/丹麦黑麦小圆面包[Dān mài hēi mài xiǎoyuán miàn bāo]

Recipe from Ninna Friis.


1. 1 litre water
2. 20g yeast
3. 50g flaxseeds/Hørfrø
4. 50g sunflower seeds/solsikkekerner
5. 50g pumpkin seeds/Græskarkerner
6. 200g grounded rye seeds/rugkerner knækkede
7. 500g rye flour/rugmel
8. 1/2 tsp salt (optional)


1. Stir yeast slowly into the water in a mixing bowl.

2. Add all the seeds and stir.

3. Then add the rye flour and blend and stir the mixture by hand or by machine (20 mins. at lowest speed on my Ankarsrum Assistent Original mixer machine)

4. Cover and leave it overnight in the fridge for min. 6 hours. (If the mixture becomes too dry, do not be afraid to add more water).

5. Stir, use a spoon and make into a buns on a baking tray with baking paper and wait 20 mins. (or put in a bread form, cover and let the dough rise to the edge)

6. Put into a pre-warm 210 degree celsius oven for 25 mins. for buns or 45 mins. for loaf of bread.

7. The bread is done when the temperature reaches 98 degree celsius.

Additional Information:
The "black bread", the nick name I gave to the Danish rye bread is an acquired taste. It is a very healthy bread and the Danes can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One cannot truly survive in Denmark if one does not like the "black bread" as it is always right at your face everywhere you turn!

When I first arrived Denmark, i was excited about trying everything new... but it didn't last for long - 6 months and the honeymoon period was over, and I really could stand eating the Danish "black bread" anymore... to the disappointment of Daddy... who as a Dane can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner... until my sister-in-law, Ninna, introduced me to this recipe and help me integrate better into the Danish society!

This is a very simple and tasty recipe, and I guess it is because it is freshly made with the best ingredients, and does not have the sour tangy taste from the "black bread" bought from the supermarkets. And the best thing is that it is made without any salt - perfect for J when he is a toddler and the whole family.

If, you are like me, trying to integrate into Denmark, and yet without having to betray your own liking, try this recipe, you might fall in love with it :-)

Mix for 20 mins...

on the lowest speed on the Ankarsrum Assistent Original mixer machine

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