Saturday 20 November 2010


Self-Created Japanese Bento-Style Lunch Pack

Our toddler J's lunch pack Bento-style. This is a fantastic idea given by my creative and resourceful friend Karen Lim.

Unfortunately the Bento lunch boxes I could find over the internet are very expensive, not microwave-friendly and do not come with inner lids that prevent spillage.

This is my own "self-made" Bento lunch box. It is cheaper, microwave-friendly and solve the problem of spillage. I use small containers with lids for the different food items, all placed together inside the big lunch box with lid, completing the Bento-style look that give a quick overview to the personnel in the daycare.

I make the finger food in batches and freeze them in small containers in the freezer. Each morning, I take 1-2 of them out and put them directly into the lunch box Bento-style. It saves time, gives a neat look and eliminates the need to wrap the food in aluminum foil or packing paper.

Clock-wise from left: Danish rye-bread open sandwich with broccoli, sweet potato and quinoa spread plus finger food with sweet potato strips, broccoli florets, whole wheat pasta and haricots verts.

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