Saturday 20 November 2010


Take your shower in the evening

I learned this tip from my maniculated-looking Russian friend from my mother's group. She told me another secret - she showers in the evening, and not in the morning before going to work. Thus, it gives her time in the morning to do her make-up.

Take a shower after dinner and after baby has gone to bed. This will save time from having to shower in the morning rush hour.

This should be easy for me to achieve, being a Chinese, as Chinese usually shower in the evening :-).

This is yet another cultural difference that I notice between Europeans and Chinese. Normally the Danes, and other Europeans, shower in the morning, and they find it strange that the Chinese shower in the evening.

I still have yet to convince Florian to take his shower in the evening... but lately he does so once in a while :-)

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