Friday 12 November 2010


J Summary (20M7D) - Arrival of the "Terrible Two" Era!!!

J throwing tantrum on the floor

Today marked the coming-of-age of the "Terrible Two" - full blown and full scale!!!

J insisted on doing exactly what I had told him not to do and threw himself on the floor in a fit of temper when he didn't get his way.

He had always understood that the stereo and the lights are untourchable, and he had always been cooperative not to touch them since he was a baby - not until today. He was touching Florian's stereo, and when I told him to stop, he asserted himself, looked me in the face and continued touching!!!

Later, he did the same thing with the lights!!! These are definitely new signs of assertiveness from J.

I gave him a Time-Out spelt with a capital "T" - confined to his crib.

After putting J to bed this evening, funny that I received an email notification from today, which talked about the arrival of the age of "Terrible Two". Florian and I were just amazed at how fitting it described J - to the "T" - and how amazing that the milestone was reached exactly this week as the experts had predicted!!! Toddlers may differ - some earlier, some later, and J seems to be always on the exact milestone curve! Here is the link to the article:

Motor Skills & Sensory Activities

This week had been a wonderful week at the daycare. The daycare started a new series of sensory activities for the children every Monday starting from last Monday - they are to find animal figurines hidden in a pot of oatmeal, cereal, etc. and tell what they have found, or along that line. Such motor and sensory experiences are fantastic for J, and I am so happy with it.

Last Tuesday, the daycare brought J and 4 other kids to the children's theatre again.

Last Wednesday, the teacher brought J and 1 other kid to the "kolonihave" - some small plot of self-cultivated garden and farm, mainly by the elderly.

The daycare teacher was using the videocam to film some of the children, including J, and they told us that they were surprised that J was able to understand the concept of a videocam, as J kept wanting to look at the screen. They asked whether we filmed J often, which we did not. But we do take a lot of pictures of him with camera and showed him the picture on the screen. We also show him pictures of himself, which he could recognize and pointed to himself. (We should show him more pictures of himself as a baby - I must remember to do that.) I truly believe that all these developments of J that the daycare teachers found rare for toddlers his age are due to the baby music and stimulation I diligently brought him to when he was a baby. It was just sweet confirmation, that all my efforts have paid off, everytime I received such positive feedback from his daycare teachers.

It is really superb with J's daycare, and I am so happy and thankful that God led me to this daycare, after a bad experience with the first daycare.

Language Development

J took more and more initiative to talk now. He would take the lead and say breakfast, fish, lights, aeroplane when he saw one in the air, etc. in Mandarin and say sleep, shoes, bread, play, etc. in Danish in his own initiative, instead of just repeating after me.

After last Sunday dinner at my in-law place last week, where he saw how his cousin Filippa called "mor" - mommy in Danish, the whole week from Monday to now, he has been calling me "mor" right from the moment he woke up, if it was daddy who went to pick him up.

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