Wednesday 23 February 2011


My Principles on Sweet Treats

May 2010

I started this series in anticipation of the exposure J will get when his world gets bigger and bigger, when he will very soon discover the existence of cakes, ice-creams, sweets and chocolate. I know there is no way to avoid it, and I should not try to deprive J of the enjoyment of desserts.

However, I can manage it by offering J a more nutritious, healthier and perhaps tastier (due to the fresh and natural ingredients used) alternative.

Before THAT day arrives, I have now started to immerse myself into learning about and experimenting on with how to make delicious sweet treats, and really enjoying the process a lot.

Here are some wholesome sweet treats made with fresh, natural, healthy and nutritious ingredients for the occasional cravings.

I try to avoid processed food and ingredients that give nothing much but empty calories as well as containing the harmful E numbers as much as possible.

Thus, my principles are:

1. Use NUTS to obtain the richness, chunkiness and crunchiness.

2. Use FRUITS such as banana and dried dates to sweeten dessert naturally as far as possible.

3. Use FROMAGE FRAIS (french white cream cheese) or UNFLAVOURED YOGURT (Ymer or Greek yogurt tend to have the creamiest texture) or avocado to achieve the creaminess.

4. Use VANILLA BEAN to obtain the base flavour naturally

5. Use FRESH MILK instead of water to achieve the volume and retain the dairy taste.

These base ingredients generally contain nutrients packed to the rim and the good fats necessary for brain development, especially for babies and kids. Adults need these good fats too to guard against heart disease and Alzheimer's.

Nevertheless because of their sweetness, these food remains as such OCCASIONAL TREATS and should not be part of the staple food on a regular or daily basis. Thus, they are called sweet TREATS for a reason.

I don't believe in giving J Cheerios, Oreos, rice-crackers, commercial biscuits, teething biscuits, cornflakes, etc. and hope that I don't ever have to start giving him that. These products tend to be highly processed and contain a high amount of sugar, empty calorie white flour and artificial flavouring.

The Bible says:

"Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6

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