Tuesday 15 February 2011


J Summary (23M10D) - Language Development

Asking more questions in Danish

J is sick with fever today, so I had to stay at home with him. I discovered that he could say questions such as Hvor er abe hen? meaning where is the monkey in English, but he doesn't know how to do the finite noun yet, which should be "hvor er aben hen?". He is also asking in Danish "Hvor er sokkerne hen?" meaning where are the socks in English, but it is of course, not totally correct, as he doesn't know the plural formation yet, which should be "Hvor er sockerne hen?" But he is putting the words in the correct sentence structure.

Can say 4-syllabus word

Today, I noticed that he could say krokodille, which is a 4-syllabus word in Danish meaning crocodile. He now prefers to say elephant, dog, cat, monkey in Danish. I think it is because Daddy has been taking him for bedtime reading. I would have to take over more of the bedtime reading to increase the mandarin experience.

Enjoyed cutting toy food

He is also enjoying playing with toy food now. Today, I noticed that he could cut the fruit and vegetables, which previously he hadn't shown any interest in it.

Yesterday during bed time, he asked to play with the jigsaw puzzles I bought from Popular, but he wasn't very good at it.

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