Tuesday 22 February 2011


Book Summaries

I love to read. My strengths are that I can read a book from cover to cover literally without getting bored and I can finish a book within a day, even if I have to go without sleep. No matter how busy I am, I always find time to read, as it helps me to de-stress. My weaknesses are that I am a very narrow reader and I don't read fiction books at all. I dive deeply into a subject matter, but I don't read widely, and as such I have a rather poor general knowledge. And because I have rather poor general knowledge, I am very bad in making small talks (and thus I dislike cocktail parties). Currently, the subject matters that interest me most are... you guessed it, child development and parenting :-)

Objectives of My Book Summaries:
1. To serve my needs
My book reviews are not exactly the conventional book reviews as they are written first and for most to serve my needs. They are mainly summaries of important or main points from the books that I read, and as summarized as I can trim away the "fats". I make these summaries to help me to absorb, digest and internalize these learnings in a format that best suited to my brain to remember them and as well as to facilitate easy electronic search and retrieval. Most are wholesale text from the writers, but some are in my own words to help me understand those points better in my own context.

2. To help others

Secondly, if my notes can be of help to others who don't have the time to read, but would like somebody else to do the hard work of making a structured summary, I would gladly do so by posting them in this blog :-)

Since these points are not my own ideas, I have acknowledged the source under the "References" section to give credit to those writers who write and publish the books at the end of each post. Whenever possible, I will also provide a link to the book to Amazon.com in my posts, because I think these authors deserve to get some more people to buy their books.

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