Tuesday 15 February 2011


J's Lunch Pack 6

Here is another idea what to do with lunch, if you have to be out with your toddler and still want to maintain a healthy diet i.e. without pizza, chips, cookies, etc. to satisfy the hunger panks.

Wholegrain rye wheat pasta with 1 cube of french bean and 1 cube of sweet potato*. The pasta can be made beforehand and freeze. Thaw overnight in fridge and toss with pasta. Can be eaten cold or warm up in the microwave (if you can get hold of one, when you are outside).

Easy to pack for lunch after the music class. J having his lunch pack after music class last Sunday (13 Feb. 2011) and he finished everything :-)
* It is better to use a cube of carrot here than sweet potatoes, since pasta already provides the carbohydrates, but I ran out of carrot cubes.

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