Sunday 13 February 2011


J Summary (23M8D) - Language Development

The final overthrown of the "confusion hypothesis" in bilingualism in the case of J

This morning, I was too busy making the alphabet puppet for J, thus Daddy had been a great help in taking over the duties with J. Daddy picked J up from the crib when he woke up. Daddy told me that J asked for "morgenmad", which is breakfast in Danish.

When I pick J up every morning, he will ask for "zhao can", which is breakfast in Mandarin.

This incident further confirmed that the hypothesis of children getting confused if one starts multiple languages at an early age does not stand. J clearly choose to say the Danish word for breakfast to Daddy and the Chinese word for breakfast to Mommy.

Having said that, it could also be our blessing that Chinese and Danish are so different, so that there is no room for confusion. If you are in a cross-cultural marriage and your spouse's and your language are very similar and may cause confusion. I have not scientific means to over-throw this hypothesis, but in our experience with Danish and Chinese, this hypothesis is overthrown totally.

J prayed for more people

On another subject, J and his cousin Filippa played very well at granny's place this evening. At bed-time, J prayed for Amy, Thor, Anna and Filippa, that God will give them a peaceful and sweet good night sleep until the next morning, when mommies and daddies go in to pick them up. I have taught him to pray for his friends, and he now always remember it. I learn this from another pair of parents - Allan and Jannie, who taught Anna to remember others and pray for others. I think it is such a brillant way to teach a child to show sincere care and concern for others. Thanks to Allan and Jannie :-)

Hmmm... oh ya... so many of his friends are girls, apart from Thor... I have to start asking him to pray to God to also bring him more male friends.

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