Saturday 26 February 2011


J Summary (23M21D) - Language & Moral Development

Language Development

This week had been back to normal. J has recovered from his flu, and was back to his normal, cheerful, smiling, laughing and chatty self. His Danish continues to progress faster than his Mandarin, but I think it is in general still slower than other Danish kids. J does not speak so much in full sentences.

Now that he has recovered, he is willing to speak Mandarin again, repeating everything I say, except some words like elephant, which he insisted only in using Danish! If he is speaking in any sentences, he is only speaking 2-word sentences, again in general slower than other kids his age, but the range can be very vast.

I am taking this in my stride, and continue to be determined to go on... I SHALL go on... If it is easy, it is not worth the effort.

Moral Development

J is fast becoming one of the oldest child in his class. I spoke to J about the little girl Emily, who was in his class. How she was so caring and good towards the smaller kids. I told him that just as he had received from her, when he was a young baby, how she used to come over, hold his hand, and brought him into the circle into the class. I asked him to remember that, and that he should do the same for other smaller babies who newly joined the class. He was smiling and grining all the way.... It seemed that he had understood what I was trying to say.

J doesn't snatch things from other kids, and despite other kids snatching things from him, he does not retaliate. I am actually very amazed. J has taught me a precious lesson in meekness, in being forgiving and kind, in being strong and confident and not showing any anger than I ever have learned. In some aspects, I find myself learning from him.

Yang Li commented how good natured J is. I think it is because he has napped and slept well in the night this whole week. He was very patient and willing to sit still at the art & craft session at the library today, and he was a good spot in wearing the masks. He had been a mommy's boy today.

On the minus side, he is not so keen to do things himself. He still wants me to feed him. I have to attribute the blame to myself, as I am such a tidy clean neat freak, that I never quite allow him to make a mess of the dining place when he was a baby. Now, I am paying the price.

J may not be the brightest when it comes to language or learning ABCs and 123, but I hope he will keep up this positive moral development. I am reminded to pray harder.

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