Wednesday 23 February 2011


General Strategies Behind the Working Woman's Fast Food

I am determined NOT to compromise on my family's nutrition when I start working after a long and wonderful maternity leave.

My criteria of food are:

1. Fast
2. Easy
3. Nutritious
4. Affordable
5. Traditional yet modern

How do I achieve that?

1. Use frozen vegetables

By using frozen vegetables, you save a lot of time (by forgoing the need to wash, rinse and cut vegetables) without compromising on the nutrition.

Frozen vegetables are at least as nutritious as fresh vegetables — and in some situations may actually be more nutritious.

Frozen vegetables have been picked at the peak of their ripeness, and immediately flash frozen. As a result, all of the minerals and vitamins are locked in, ready for your benefit. This means that in some cases, frozen vegetables might be more nutritious than vegetables purchased from the produce aisle which have been sitting for weeks.

Frozen vegetables may also have the outer cellulose layer already broken as a result of the freezing, making it easier for your body to digest the vegetables.

Because the cellulose layer already broken as a result of the freezing, frozen vegetables do not taste as good stir-fry. However, they taste superb using the steaming method and save even more time than if you have to steam fresh vegetables.

2. Eat vegetables raw as far as possible

Raw vegetables take less time to cook and retain most of the nutrients. Some vegetables taste great raw such as kale and red peppers.

3. Make simple dips and sauces

Make simple dips and sauces that pour easily on food to spice it up within seconds. Many of these sauces and dips can be made in advance, thus reduces greatly the stress of the peak hour time between 4-6pm of families with kids!

4. Use automatic utensils

Use automatic rice cooker, electric cooker, etc. that do not require you to stand around and stir while cooking, and automatically switches the power off when done.

5. Use pressure cooker

Use pressure cooker to reduce cooking time significantly for food which usually requires long cooking time such as beans and meat stew.

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