Sunday 27 April 2014


Addition Domino Game

Printable version

Card game version

Age: From 4 years old

Players: 2-4

To teach addition and counting in a fun way.

Addition Dominos - each tile has addition problems on it (for example, 0 + 5).

1. Distribute the cards evenly among the players.
2. The youngest start by matching the answers of addition problems (for example, match 3+2 to 4+1, since they are both equal to 5).
3. The one who is first to get rid of all of his/her dominoes wins. But if no one can go out, then the person with the fewest dominos left is the winner.


Additional Information:
We played this for the first time today during our WFMN. J (5Y1M21D) enjoyed it and could figure out the rules of the game as well as the concept of matching the correct addition.

It is also available from Amazon:

4 Jan 2015 (5Y9M30D) - We played addition domino during our WFMN this evening. Our Little FECS was able to follow the fame and got his addition right. We gave him two choices and he chose this right away, saying that it is the most fun Maths game.

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