Sunday 27 April 2014


Montessori Activity: The Bead Cabinet - Sensorial Experiences with the Chain (Stage IV)

AGE: 4.5-6 (the child should have worked with the initial bead presentation and the short bead stair and be very familiar with the sensorial materials)

OBJECTIVE(S): To show the child the progression of different relationships between units, squares, and cubes.

Bead Cabinet consists of:

1.     Short bead stair
2.     Square chains
3.     Squares
4.     Several mats
5.   The squares in the Square of Pythagorean added later
1.     Place several mats on the floor, one beneath the other.

2.     Bring the bead presentation tray containing 1 unit, 10 bar, 100 square and 1000 cube to the mat. Later add to these materials the 100 and 1000 chains.


1.     From the top of the mat, right to left, place the bead bars 1-9, underneath the bead bars (vertically) the square chains and underneath the square chains the squares.
2.     Let the child or children observe this layout for a while. Does he notice any similarities? How are these chains to the squares related?
3.     Then take each bead bar and place it next to the appropriate sections of the square chains (as in Stage III, step 4). Then return the beads to the top of the mat.

4.     Fold each square chain, beginning with two, to form the square below. Place the squares next to the folded up chains. 

5.     Place the squares on top of the folded chains. 

6.     Return the bead bars to the box. 

7.     Place the folded square chains across the top of the rug but now left to right from 1 to 100. Place the squares below this in the appropriate place. Place the squares in the Square of Pythagorean below this. Let the child observe the color relationship. 

8.     Superimpose the squares (beads) on top of one another beginning with the 100 square, square of nine, square of eight, etc. to 1.  

9.     Repeat this with the Square of Pythagorean. 

10.  Let the children later discover if there is any relationship of size between the following: 

- bead squares to the squares in the square of Pythagorean
- either of the above to the cubes in the pink tower
             - either of the above to the broad stair
- matching the colors to color box 2


- Shu-Chen Jenny Yen’s On-line Montessori Albums

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