Thursday 24 April 2014


Montessori Activity: The Bank Game/The Go Get It! Supply Game

AGE: 4 - 4.5 years old (after mastery of Counters and Cards)


1.     To reinforce auditory and visual association of the numbers.

2.     To make concrete the relative sizes and names of the different categories, for example the difference in size between 6 units and 6 thousands.

     1.     1 supply box containing a bowl with some unit beads, 6 ten-bars, 4 hundred-squares and 9 thousand-cubes

     2.     1 set of Large Number Cards

     3.     1 small mat

     4.     1 tray


       1.     Set up the supply box material as shown in the picture.

       2.   Lay out the large number cards in a 9 layout formation (optional).

3.     Give the child a tray and ask the child to bring back a precise amount of beads from the supply box on his tray, e.g. say: “Can you bring me 5 units please? or Can you bring me 600 please?” Go with the child if necessary.

4.     Thank the child, touch and count the beads aloud.

5.     Repeat with other amounts e.g. 40 (4 tens), or 300 (3 hundreds), or 8000 (8 thousands).

6.      If the child makes a mistake, before counting, say: “Oh, I forgot! What did I ask for?” The child sees the mistake by counting.

7.    Ask the child to bring back the corresponding number card.

8.      When the child has mastered one category, introduce 2-adjacent categories such as say: “Can you bring me 4 units and 2 tens please?”

      9.      Next introduce3-adjacent categories, 4-adjacent categories and non-adjacent categories.




Give your child a number card and ask him to go and get the appropriate quantity.


J (5Y1M19D) tried this today. He could all of those quantities called out, but tended to mix up 100-bars and 1000-cubes. I tried to put together 7648 large number cards. I think he got a feel of the concept. The session lasted about an hour. J made a long train of 8 zeros - to infinity and asked me how much it was.


- Brillant Minds Montessori Maths Curriculum
Updates 27 June 2014
This activity lost its novelty and became a little dull for J. To make it more fun for J, today, we worked on this activity with his polic car and characters. We asked the police to fetch the number of beads asked for. J acted as the hand behind the police man and truck to bring the required amount. Below are some pictures:

Updates: 14 February 2024 C (7Y8M29D)

15 Feb 2024:

Today we reversed the role. I was the banker dispensing the "cash" in the form of Montessori Golden Beads and she was the client given me the "number cards."

First we arranged the the number cards in order:

We started out from the easiest to the most difficult - from single digit 0 to 45 to 520 to 8888 - the most prosperous number in Chinese :-)

I dispensed her 8,888 kr. and she has to write and find the number cards:

At the end of the game, she was climbing all over my head :-) It doesn't always go this way, but I prayed and committed it to God and it has turned out well for the last four days. Thank you, God.

16 Feb 2024:

The Montessori Bank Game was a hit yesterday, so we continued with more challenging sums, consolidating the place value positioning with Baby FECS as the "client" and me as the "banker."

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