Thursday 27 April 2017


Easy Cauliflower Cream Soup

Serves 4

1. 1 whole head of cauliflower without the leaves (500g)
2. 1 large onion quartered
3. 2 cloves garlic peeled
4. 2 TBS olive oil
5. 1 TBS butter (optional)
6. 2 tsp salt to taste
7. 600-700 ml water (the minimum or maximum marking in the soupmaker)
8. 250 ml fresh milk or 100ml cream (piskefløde) (optional)
9. A bit of thyme for garnish (optional)

1. Wash and cut cauliflowers into florets.
2. Add all the ingredients (except milk or cream) into the Philips soupmaker.
3. Close the lid and choose the cream soup setting.
4. The soupmaker will beep in 23 minutes and the soup is done :-)
5. If you like it even more creamy, transfer to a pot, add fresh milk or cream, stir to mix well and heat up until it slightly bubbles (optional)
6. Garnish with thyme, serve with bread as a starter or a light dinner and enjoy :-)

Additional Information:
I fell in love with cauliflower white sauce that we tried at the Laboca restaurant. A check at recipes online shows all shows a generous use of butter required, some uses the whole tub of butter!!! Alas, I decided to skip making cauliflower sauce, as it would be too tempting for me or my family to finish all the sauce, thus consuming one whole tub of butter, not the kind of food taste buds I would like to develop in our kids. Since I love soup, I decided to settle for this healthier cauliflower cream soup instead, that uses only 1 tablespoon of butter, and it is even optional.

I use water instead of chicken stock for this batch, and it tasted super for me. The whole head of cauliflower provided sufficient vegetable stock for this soup.

It is 100 ml extra to the maximum marking of the soupmaker.


Add all the ingredients (except milk or cream) into the Philips soupmaker.

  Blend all ingredients in the Phillips Soup maker

Now is done :-)

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