Saturday 29 April 2017


Easy Tomato Beetroot Soup

1. 1 packet of cherry tomatoes (500g)
2. 1 carrot chopped large
3. 1 beetroot chopped large
4. 1 parsley root chopped large
5. 1 onion
6. 1 clove garlic
7. 1 slice ginger (optional)
8. 1 TBS olive oil
9. 1 tsp salt
10. 600ml water

1. Add all the ingredients into the Philips soupmaker.
2. Close the lid and choose the cream soup setting.
3. The soupmaker will beep in 23 minutes and the soup is done :-)

Additional Information:
Daddy FECS made this soup for a light dinner tonight. I loved it so much that I asked him how he made it and quickly jot it down before I forget.

We garnished it with roasted green peas snack I made the other day and crispy spaghetti - we had some left over spaghetti and roasted it on a heated pan (no. 6 on my stove) with some oil. The garnish provided an interesting and contrasting texture to the soup.

If you don't have a soupmaker, you can blend the soup together with a blender.

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