Tuesday 18 April 2017


Jerk Seasoning

1. 1 tsp garlic powder
2. 1 tsp dried thyme
3. 1 tsp ground pepper
4. 1 tsp paprika
5. 1 tsp hot chili pepper
6. 1 tsp cayenne
7. 1 tsp cinnamon powder
8. 1 tsp nutmeg spice

Mix them together and store in air-tight container.

Additional Information: 
This is a Caribbean concoction. What a name - Jerk seasoning! An attest to Caribbeans' sense of humor and fun-loving nature :-)

I used this to make the roasted Jerk Chicken.

I made this batch last night, after Baby FECS retired for the night.

You can use it to season or marinade your meat for roasting in the oven.


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