Wednesday 23 February 2011


My Conviction on Home-Cooked Food

I grew up in a rather traditional Chinese family in Singapore. When I was a child, I used to hate cooking because my mother told me that girls must learn to cook, and boys do not need to do that. Thus, I REFUSED to learn, to the exasperation of my mother. I did not even know how to fry an egg or cook a pot of rice. I used to fail my Home Econs in high school and I took pride in failing that subject (if I ever made an effort to pass the subject, it would solely be to raise my grade point average in the notoriously ultra competitive Singapore's education system).

Coming to Denmark, I used to think that the Danes are weird creatures that they like to stand in the kitchen and make food. Never do I realise that one day, today, I have to eat my own words. This series marks my mentality change and my progress from cooking to baking... from baking buns from instant mix to baking bread from mixing the ingredients myself... boy, I have come a long way! And the journey ahead is still long, but so enjoyable and interesting.

A cosy home comes from making home-cooked food. Many shared memories cannot be replaced. If I may be allowed to give a piece of advice, my advice to my fellow Singaporeans is - don't leave it to your maids to cook. Do it yourself. Make it a fun kids' day to spend by experimenting with the different ingredients that God has created and making food together with your kids. Don't be afraid of the mess it creates and the time it takes (triple so long to make a meal when kids are involved). You will be teaching your child a lot of things - the Science, Arts, life skills, bonding skills, etc. Don't leave it to your maids. Blessed are the home-makers. Few have that opportunity. I am determined to teach J to learn how to cook and bake, although he is a boy.

My philosphy is in using high quality ingredients and baking only healthy wholesome buns, bread, etc. If you are looking for recipes for cakes and cookies, then the series on baking is not for you, and you will be disappointed.

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