Wednesday 16 February 2011


J's Lunch Pack 7

J's lunch pack for sunday after music class: Sphagetti meat sauce (made with minced beef, corn, carrot, peas, 4 homemade mix beans baby cubes and wholegrain pasta).

I added puree vegetables baby cubes (french beans and carrots) to increase the the nutritional value, but this is not necessary. It provides a contingency plan, if J doesn't feel like eating the whole vegetables in the meat sauce.

I make this dish for dinner today and freeze a portion for J's lunch on Sunday. In this way, it frees me to do other things during the weekend, and still having ready homemade food for J when we are out on Sunday :-) I bring it along with me in the bag on Sunday morning, letting it thaw naturally by itself, and it will be ready by lunch time after the music class.

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