Saturday 19 February 2011


Teaching Alphabet to Preschoolers in a Fun Way

1. Letter of the Week - Focus on learning one new letter each week.

2. You can use letter flash cards and letter magnets to reinforce the shape of the letter.

3. Print a page that relates to the letter from the internet for your child to color each day. There are many sites available; it is easy to find seven different pictures for the letter you are working on (apple, alligator, etc.). And each day after your child colors the picture, he or she can put the picture on the refrigerator.

4. A couple of times a day, point to the magnet or picture and ask your child what the letter is. If your child is correct, you can give your child a small reward, like one gummy bear or a star on a chart.

5. Form the letter with your body - a brillant idea from "Having Fun at Home".

6. Baking Alphabet Bread

7. Make a "Alphabet Coded Scavenger Hunt" by recycling the egg packaging and allocating letters of the alphabet for each of the little cups. Your child could look for things beginning with each specified letter.

8. Make "Letter Mats" for hopping.

9. Make Letter Tokens for matching letters and spelling words.

10. Make Alphabet Box for teaching objects that begin with the same sound.

11. Shoot ABCs with Spray bottle

12. Tracing letters with thread


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