Thursday 3 February 2011


J Summary (22M29D) - Asked to Pray for Little Amy for the First Time

Today at after saying a bedtime prayer, J called out, "Amy, Amy". I think he asked to pray for Amy. So we said a bed time prayer for Amy too, that God will give her a sweet and peaceful night sleep all the way until the next day. After that, J was happy. Amy was the little toddler girl in the same daycare as J who is 7 months older than J.

J usually sleeps very well through the night, and until now hardly has any nightmare. I believe it is because we will always say a little prayer to God before he sleeps, asking God to give him a peaceful and sweet sleep.

Yesterday evening marked the first time in many months, that J did not cry when I leave the room during bed time. Since we were back from Singapore, where he slept with us in the same room, he had wanted me to stay with him in the room. This evening too, J only whined for 2 secs. and then he stopped when I closed the door to his bedroom.

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