Saturday 5 February 2011


J Summary (23M1D) - First Time Completed Jigsaw Puzzles

J doesn't like to play with jigsaw puzzles, and it has perplexed me somewhat, as jigzaw puzzles is a very good toy to train concentration. A check with other mothers with boy toddlers revealed that it seems most boys are not as keen to sit and play with jigsaw puzzles than girls, until much later.

Yesterday, during bedtime, J (23M0D) initiated to play with a set of jigsaw puzzles, I was delighted. But he walked away very fast when he could not figure it out, and my heart sank. I was a little disappointed, that he gave up so easily, but I just let go and didn't want to push him. Then he returned and tried again and succeeded. I was so excited and praised him for trying again and succeeded. The success was secondary, but the willingness to try again is a character building trait that is worth a gold. Thank God for it.

Having tasted success, he went on to build a few other set of simple jigsaw puzzles, but he did gave up towards the end, when he chose a set that was relatively more difficult. This incident revealed that I still need to work on being more sensitive to J's toys so that he doesn't get too frustrated and not try again.

Asked to pray for Amy again

Yesterday, during bedtime prayer, J asked to pray for Amy again. So we did. Amy's mother has told me that recently she had started getting Amy to sleep earlier by 7.30pm, after hearing how important sleep is in nuturing personality, and it succeeded.

Amy has a rather bad temper and when she flares up, the tantrum is so thunder loud and unbearable that the whole block can hear. My theory is that constant insufficient sleep can affect personality and make it ingrained.

It may be a coincidence that the result is so immediate Amy is sleeping so well, just as J started to pray for her. But deep down, I know that God is there helping us in our parenting when we pray. Apart from the book BabyWise, I truly credit all challenges and overcoming of challenges in the daily life of parenting to lifting all these problems and challenges up to God in prayers. Thank God for helping Amy and her mother for overcoming her sleep pattern problem.

J did not cry when going to bed at night

It was the 4 consecutive times that J did not cry, when I shut the door to the bedroom. Since returning back to Singapore, I had to re-implement CIO, as he got used to sleeping with us in the same room and sleeping in my arms in the plane. During the first time, J cried for 30 minutes, all the while calling "ma ma, come and carry me". My heart sank, but I endured and resisted re-entering his bedroom. For the sake of his long-term sleep habit, I have to persist. It seemed that it had now work, and he is happily willing to go to sleep, when the light is switched off, and the bedroom door is closed.

CIO - means crying it out

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