Thursday 17 February 2011


Time Snatchers

We are living in a very time-pressed world. Things from right, left, front and back are often fighting for our time. For me, it is often hard to strike a balance.

However, to build a healthy relationship with our child, we need to supply quality time in a HEALTHY QUANTITY (page 17). We need to be very wise on how we spend our time.

The book I am currently reading called "The Power of Teachable Moments" warns of the following time snatchers (on page 23 that I would like to bear in mind) that could steal away the resources that could belong to our children:

1. House Beautiful - Let the house go and make it a home. Work on encouraging your children to reflect Christ and seek perfection in spiritual things. In the long run, that will bring your home more honour than creating a house suited for the cover of "Better Homes & Gardens"!

2. Standard of Living - Lower your standard of living to raise your child-raising standard. For example, a large house requires large amount of energy to repair and maintain, do yard work, headaches and emotional strain. Or do you spend a lot of time and emotional energy watching the stock market? Consolidate your investments and let your money take care of you, not the other way around. Simplify, simplify, simplify. If you can make do with fewer things, you will have more for your children in terms of relationship time. Get rid of those material possessions that drain your relationship resources.

3. Work - Strike a work-life balance. Do your best, but don't go WAY beyond the call of duty to the extent that you neglect your family. When your family suffers, your work will suffer too in the long run.

4. Hobbies - Right now, the best hobbyhorse to ride is the one your kids can ride with you. Unless your child can participate, cut back on time spent with the model trains, log off the Internet, put away the paint brushes - for now. You can dabble in those pursuits later, when your kids are in school or college. Make your children your hobby.

5. Social Events - Are you a social butterfly who needs to be present at every party that you are invited? Learn to say no. Consider meeting friends for lunch, instead of an entire evening.

6. Ministry - several ministry possibilities exist that can unclude your whole family. During this phase of your life, pursue these. Prayerfully ask God to show you when and where you are to minister to others.

7. Sports - Don't underdo it, but don't overdo it either. Get up early to do your workouts, before the kids are awake. When your kids are old enough, find sports that you can do together to keep fit.

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