Saturday 12 February 2011


Making Alphabet Come Alive with Letter Puppets

Age: From 2 years old


1. Make Alphabet come alive and be your toddler's friend by using a cardboard approx. 60x45 cm for big letters or A3 size for small letters * and cut it out.

* It is harder to make small letters, thus use a letter template here:

2. Stand behind the letter, make the letter puppet dance and speak the sound of the letter.

You can also draw eyes, nose and mouth and make a face on the letter if you have the time, but it is not really necessary.


This strategy and its corresponding benefits:

1. Big size - creates strong impression and greater memory impact.

2. Colour - creates strong impression and greater memory impact.

3. Movement - stimulate memory absorption.

4. Peronification - Everyone remembers better if there is a face to it. This would be the alphabet's face.

5. Fun - Encourage learning in a fun way.

Additional Information:
The Europeans, Americans, Australians, Americans, etc. are so blessed - they have alphabet that are so fun and easy to teach. Each of their letters makes a sound and is so beautifully simple. This is not the case with Chinese characters - and I am still scratching my head how to teach Chinese characters to toddlers and make learning Chinese fun. For now, I will concentrate on teaching the English alphabets.

How does a working mom like me have time to make this? Sacrifice - I woke up early this morning to make the letter A. I bought the cardboards from Pandora. It costs 7.50 DKK each.

The first lesson was during breakfast this morning together with Daddy and J enjoyed it.

On average, it takes me 45 minutes to make one letter, faster with practice I would imagine. However, if I am to make a Chinese character, it would probably be one whole day!!!


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