Wednesday 17 December 2014


How to Play with Water Balloon

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Our Little FECS asked to play with water balloons. He had been playing with water balloons before, but alone. I haven't joined in the game. I realized that I have missed out in shared memories, as such activities brings family closer. So I am trying to find out more how I can play water balloons with him more regularly.

This is a really fun game and it is ideal as a bonding and team-building game for family retreat.

Here is a summary of the various ways:

1. Toss the balloon into the air and catch it as it comes down
2. Play catch with a friend
3. Play hot potato with a group
4. Put soap or shaving cream on their hands and try to play catch
5. Experiment with dropping balloons from different heights
6. Launch a water balloon
7. Play baseball with water-balloons and try to catch it with a tower held by two people
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