Sunday 21 December 2014


J Summary (5Y9M16D) - Our First Christmas Tree

This year is the first time we have a Christmas tree at our own home. We wanted to drive to a plantation to cut a tree for ourselves, but these two days over the weekend had been raining. Thus, we went to buy our Christmas tree after church at the local flower shop instead.

We have a small apartment, thus we bought a small Christmas tree, but it suited us fine, and provided the ambience of Christmas that we wanted.

We bought our Christmas tree as a plant in a pot. In this way, we don't need to mount a stand for it. It will also keep it alive, and after Christmas, instead of discarding it, we can plant it in a garden or a forest. In this way, we save trees. Who knows, we may be able to reuse it next year :-)

We don't have that many ornaments, and our friend, E, suggested that we use the iron beads that our Little FECS have made. What a great idea! Our Little FECS spent the afternoon decorating the Christmas tree.

We wanted also to have ornaments that point to Jesus such as shepherd's staff, star, manger, etc. We use the candy staff that acts as the shepherd's staff, the ironing beads stars from our Little FECS craft work to act as the Star of David and the hearts. We also try to create the letters "J E S U S" with ironing beads to hang on the tree, but we only finish two letters so fast.

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