Monday 8 December 2014


The Advantages of Small LEGO Set: LEGO Creator 31015: Emerald Express

To encourage your child to play with LEGO, let him/her play with small LEGO sets. It is more manageable for him/her and less overwhelming. It reduces the need for adult supervision. It reduces frustration and increases the chance of success for the child, thereby providing him/her with the satisfaction of a sense of own achievement.

This set comes in a small box, and is very reasonably priced compared to other LEGO sets, and you can build 3 different models with it. I think it provides rather good value for money.

I included this set as an item in one of his Christmas Advent calendar pockets. This set is also suitable as Christmas presents from grandparents to grandkids too.

Here J learning how to build a model with the instructions from the set.

This set is meant for children 6-12 years old, but may be suitable for a little younger children, depending on the development growth of the child. J was 5.5 years old, when he tried to build this set according to the instructions for the first time. So this set was just right for his age.

I like that it includes an instruction manual, and teaches J how to read and understand manual on his own. It also inspires him to create his own design, after he has experienced following the model.

J built 90% of it on his own, and the remaining 10% with a little help from us - such as searching for the bricks he can't find and adjusting the bricks one set up or down.

It provided him an hour of fun. He spent about half an hour for each of the model. He built the locomotive and the tail of the train. We will keep it for another time for the 3rd model.

He was very excited if he could use it along with this wooden train set, and he tried it on immediately. The best part is that it fits perfectly to his Brio/Thomas-the-train wooden train set :-)

J felt a sense of accomplishment, after he had managed to read and follow the manual building this small set on his own. It gives him an encouragement of success that he can draw on when he moves on to building other bigger sets in the future :-)

Storage & Organization Tip:

For storage and organization tip, take apart the bricks after playing or store the remaining bricks in a zip-lock bag and put it into its original box.

It cost 40 DKK in Denmark. It is available from Amazon for less than 5 USD:

You can read more about how to encourage your child to play with LEGO here:

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