Saturday 20 December 2014


J Summary (5Y9M19D) - Making Christmas Lacing Card for Grandparents

I bought this Christmas lacing card from Tiger for 20 DKK for our Advent calendar. Our Little FECS opened this today and complete this as a Christmas card for farmor and farfar. He got entangled several times and needed help to unentangle it. He also needed to unstitch a few times, for stitching the needle from the wrong side. But despite this, he was very patience and went on to complete the challenge, which was very well done. It was good fine motor skill training. We will help him to add in the note for farmor and farmor tomorrow at our FMN.
There are some really cute ones from Amazon. The one below is at a reasonable price:

21 Dec 2014 (5Y9M16D) - Writing Christmas card to farmor and farfar with Daddy's help

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