Wednesday 17 December 2014


More Volunteering Opportunities in Denmark...

The glitters and "hygge" (Danish word for coziness) of Christmas can sometimes make me forget the sufferings of the world. Yet, we should not lost sight of it. I am reminded once again of the book "Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light" I read and will re-read again:

I am touched and inspired by the life, love and service of this amazing woman. Helping the poorest of the poor, cleaning the wounds of people eaten by maggots, staying by the side of those who are dying.

No, I don't have the courage or the emotional maturity and strength yet to help in such situations. But right here home in Denmark, there are such needs and volunteer opportunity (we don't have to travel all the way to India).

According to the Danish Red Cross, 5,000 Danes died alone without friends and families by their side... and volunteers could help in this area:

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