Monday 15 December 2014


LEGO Creator 31015: Power Digger

Unless you want to spend all your time building large LEGO set with your child (which I am so glad that many Dads do :-)), a small and inexpensive 3-in-1 set is perfect for a small boy. It is small enough for him to build on his own by following the simple instruction manual, and while he spends all his time figuring it out (20-30 mins per 1 model), you have some free time to yourself to sip coffee :-)

Also I opt for small set, because I am not very good at playing with LEGO. Growing up, we were poor, and LEGO was way beyond our reach. However, I have done a whole stack of assessment books, Singapore-style :-) Such LEGO set kills 2 birds with 1 stone - it develops our Little FECS' LEGO skills, and also mine. I am learning along with him. Hey, we are never too old to learn and play with LEGO, right?)

It is a good outing or travel set. My friend occupied his son with such a small set of LEGO, while she was out to a restaurant with a friend.

Here is another value for money small LEGO set that we placed in the Advent calendar. I thought that our Little FECS would like the other LEGO 31015 Emerald Express set, but he favors this set instead. He said it was more fun to build. He pieced it together by following the instruction manual by himself this morning, while waiting for me to prepare breakfast. It took him 20-30 mins. It cost 40 DKK in Denmark. It is available from Amazon for less than 5 USD:

To read about another small LEGO set, see here:

15 Dec 2014 (5Y9M10D) - Little FECS followed the instruction manual by himself

15 Dec 2014 (5Y9M10D) -Little FECS placed his digger a little differently

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