Monday 29 December 2014


J Summary (5Y9M24D) - Sledging

It has been snowing since 25 Dec 2014 Christmas Day, and the snow was quite perfect for sledging today. I am off today, and thus, after our morning routine with School Time and homework - doing first-thing-first, we went sledging at 10.45am. It was a really beautiful day with sunshine, blue sky and white snow covering the parks and forests. I just love Denmark for such beauty. But it was very cold. 

Our Little FECS was really excited about sledging, and we happily walked down as fast as we could to the nearby hill for sledging. He had great fun sledging down the first slope:

 But we didn't quite get on a good start. It went well for first round down the slope, but then our Little FECS had a fall. Snow got into his boots and made his socks wet. He was crying, annoyed  and cold, that he wanted to go home.

So we went home, although we just got there. What a let down, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was glad that I kept up my spirit up. It gave me a chance to make memories - I got him a basin of hot water to soak his feet and made him hot chocolate. It was very cozy. He was also willing to put on long stockings after the wet socks incident (such a lesson learned is way more effective than what mommy had been trying to teach him all these while!)

Once he is well and on his feet again, we made another attempt back for sledging. He fell several times again. I told him that others are falling too, that helped to make him less discouraged and embarrassed and to show him that it is normal to fall. To encourage him and take the pressure off from being afraid of falling, I told him that he would be rewarded for hot chocolate, if he made falls. 

Despite falling again and again, he tried again and again. And I am glad to see his strong spirit.

Sledging is a good and economical way to improve body coordination (well, compared to skiing). I hope the snow will stay for a few more days, so that he could go sledging again.

Here is a view from our walk: The snow fall on the trees was really beautiful and awesome.

Sledging, making snowman and drinking hot chocolate are part of the family traditions that we hope to do once a year with our Little FECS. We got to do 2 out 3 today. The snow wasn't firm enough nor of sufficient volume to make snowman, so we have to wait with that :-)

Oh, I should add "Cozy Soaking Basin" to our family tradition for soaking our feet into basin of hot water after sledging. So thank God for the wet socks today, that gave me this idea of a cozy soaking of foot in hot water :-)

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