Saturday 13 December 2014


Montessori Activity: Tying Shoelaces

Age: From 5 years old

Activity Duration: 10-15 minutes

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

1. To train the child’s fine motor skills
2. To teach the child to be independent

1. 1 pair of shoes unlaced
2. 1 pair of shoelaces
3. 1 tray

1. Show your child how to tie his shoe laces and let him try. Trying on the tray makes it easier, as he doesn't have to bend down constantly, while he is practising.

Video Demonstration:

Additional Information:
During the Schools' information meetings that we attended in November, we were told that the schools prefer the kids to know how to tie their shoelaces already.

We have 2 options: 1) Teach J or 2) Buy only velcro schoes. We decided to go for the hard way, as it is always good to learn a skill (but we will still buy velcro shoes for convenience). So here I am, setting up the Montessori Practical Life activity. But we still haven't manage to find the time for J to practise more, although now I am on part-time.

You don't have to buy the expensive Montessori material for lacing. Just use any old shoes.

For teaching 3 years old, how to do lacing, please see lesson plan here:

Updates 2 Jan 2015 (5Y9M28D): 
On my day off, I practised tying shoelaces with our Little FECS. Today, he finally mastered it :-)

2 Jan 2015 (5Y9M28D): Shoelaces tied by Our Little FECS

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