Tuesday 16 December 2014


Pine Cone & Pine Nuts


Our Little FECS is now at an age where he becomes more aware of things, and where traditions are starting to become meaningful and fun for him. And how blessed we are in Denmark, cos' this fairytale land is FULL of traditions, especially Christmas traditions :-) (Traditions are a great way to bond with the family (For more information on family traditions, please read here: http://www.familyfecs.com/2011/03/importance-of-family-traditions.html)

And nuts - all kinds of nuts - are very much part of the Danish Christmas tradition. One of the most fun nuts is the pine nuts from the pine. Our Little FECS saw some acorns at the Superbest supermarket and pointed out to me excitedly. "Come, Mommy, look what I've found, they can be eaten!!!" he tucked at me.

Really? And I went over to read the sheet myself, and indeed it was so. I have eaten pine nuts before, but haven't seen them in its natural pine cone state. According to the information sheet, the pine will start to open in 8-10 weeks with a sound, and the delicious pine nuts will come out. So it would be fun for Little FECS and I to try. It cost 20 DKK per pine (they are imported from Italy though and not from Denmark). We decided to buy one. While waiting for it to open in 8-10 weeks' time, it can be used as Christmas decoration :-)

Today, our Little FECS brought home the Christmas decoration he did at the kindergarten. And we could add in the pine :-) But our Little FECS requested to make similar Christmas decoration with Mom and Dad too, and not just with his kindie. It will be very cozy and memorable for him. Awww.... so many wondeful cozy Danish Christmas traditions... so little time to do them all!!! But we have no complaints :-) We just have to prioritize :-)

To read more about Danish Christmas decoration with acorn, read this post:


Nutritional Value:

Pine nuts are calorie bomb, but are very nutritious. Apart from a good form of fats and proteins, it is rich in iron, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and choline.



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