Saturday 15 February 2014


10+ Fun & Meaningful Ideas for CelebratingYour Child's Birthday

I am compiling some fun, interesting and meaningful ways of celebrating my child's birthday on this post. I will return to update this post as and when I discover new ideas.

1. Balloon Canopy

Have the birthday child sit in the middle on a chair with the canopy of balloons above. Have your camera ready, release the canopy for the balloons to fall out and watch the children have fun and laughter with the balloons :-) You can read more here:

2. A Birthday Letter

Write a letter to your child and present to him on his birthday. Here is our letter to our child:

3. Montessori Birthday

Montessori provides a very meaningful way of celebrating a child's birthday. Have the child walk around the "sun" to signify the passing of a year reaching his birthday. Tell the development of your child during that year. You can read more here:

4. Yearly Giraffe Measurement

I got this idea here. Make it a tradition to take the height measurement of your children on their birthdays.

5. 5th/15th Birthday Capsule

Idea adapted from here. On your child's 5th birthday, have him fill a time capsule with some of the momentos of the year and a note to himself. Open it a decade later on his 15th birthday.

This includes photos, a copy of some family videos, a letter from mom and dad, some art or other objects that your child had made.

6. Giving a Memory Box as a Present

Instead of sealing the time capsule for 10 years, keep the collection of momentos of the year in a box instead, so that your child can look through them and remember the year gone by. The box should be kept where he can look through them whenever he wishes.

7. New Priviledge/New Responsibility Cards

I got this idea from here. On the day of your child's birthday, present your child with two envelopes. One envelope is labelled, "New Privilege" the other envelope is labelled "New Responsibility." Provide an age appropriate privilege and responsibility each year. You can see more pictures here:

8. First Cake Cut Wish

I got this idea here. Let the birthday boy or girl make another birthday wish when making the first cut into the birthday cake.

9. Edible Playdough

Have the children make edible playdough together. You can get the recipe here:

10. Nose Grease

I got this idea from here. Ambush the birthday child and have his or her nose greased with butter. The buttere nose signify the slipping away of all bad things.

11. Top of Staircase

If you are living in a double-story house, in the morning of the birthday, while waiting for the time to open presents, have your child to sit at the top of the stairs until breakfast is ready, before coming down and open presents.

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