Sunday 16 February 2014


J Summary (4Y11M12D) - Reviewing The Goal for Weekly Family Meeting Night (WFMN)

For those who have read my blog, you will know that my greatest wish for my family is to have Family Time. I believe that having a strong family tradition helps build a strong and secured family team-spirit with deep bonding that makes us truly one.

But what should go into our family traditions?

Of all the family traditions, I believe that regular Family Time is perhaps the most important. I believe it will help creates a healthy and strong family culture that enables us with more resilence to withstand the external influences of the popular culture, when our children reach the turbulent teenage years.

Of all the family traditions, this is also the hardest to implement - at least for us. It requires an anchor person in the family to facilitate this role. But time, the lack of it, barred me from truly pursuing this goal. We could have more money or more time, but we couldn't have both. We have chosen time.

In 2013, I have decided, with the blessings given by my Significant Other, to step down on my career responsibilities by going part-time, releasing me time to truely work on the foundational work of our family. J is soon 5 years old, and it could not have been more timely.

It has been 3.5 years since I started the blog, and we have not achieved it yet, let alone even started Weekly Family Time. But all these time, I have not given up. I have been praying, reading and preparing myself emotionally.

One of the most useful things I have gleaned from the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families" by Stephen R. Covey is Family Time. Among many other books that I read, Covey gave the most insightful, interesting ideas and practical ways of how to introduce a Weekly Family Meeting (WFM).

I will be summarizing down my learnings as a way for me to digest my them as I prayerfully work towards introducing it to my family hopefully this year. I am sharing with you with the hope that it may inspire you consider having regular Family Time with you family.

Please join me here to learn more.

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