Saturday 8 February 2014


Fun Uses for Food Packaging... and Outdated Namecards

Don't just throw away your supermaket packaging. Also don't throw away your outdated namecards. They are very fun real props for Grocery Shopping Play, instead of buying fake toys:

Some suitable packaging of items to keep would be salt box, tea, milk carton, corn flakes cases, dish washing tablet box, cheese packaging, ice-cream packaging, etc.

The trick is to find the smallest size packaging possible, as they take up less space, cuter to look at and is friendly to the child's small hands.

You can supplement it with some can food.

My namecards were outdated due to the office address change. I used the back of them to tag price for the "grocery items" at our "Supermarket"- this play served as a very fun and useful way to revise numbers with J and even for teaching addition. I will share more in another post the lesson plan for Grocery play.

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