Saturday 8 February 2014


Decorating Lunchbox with Letters

1. 1 lunch box.
2. Alphabet Cars stickers or the favorite stickers of your child :-)

1. Encourage your child to select the letters that form his name from the page of stickers.

2. Once he has found it, request him to say the name and the sound of letter. (For a younger kid trying out this activity, identify the letters for him and say the sound and name of the letter for him.)

3. Ask him to remove it and paste it on his lunchbox, forming his name. If your child is too young, help him with it.

Additional Information:
I bought the Cars stickers from BR, and it cost 25 DKK for quite a few sheets in the packet.

J loves Cars and he requested to change his lunch box to the metal one such as the one below as most of the Danish children carry to kindergarten:

But such a metal lunch box serves some challenges, as Daddy pointed out to me, which I have also noticed, but chose to ignore and gave in to J. Firstly, it is harder to wash and harder to keep clean (I don't know how the Danish moms do it and I salute them!)

Secondly, it is not air-tight and I cannot quite fit in the bento cases (although I should be able to find creative ways around this!)

Thirdly, the fastener isn't very hardy, so it can come off easily. Perhaps the one we found above is of inferior quality (again I don't know how the Danish moms make sure that it will not open accidentally). Perhaps, we have not found a better quality one yet.

So Daddy suggested that we can paste Cars stickers on J's Bento-style lunch box and J agreed to accept it to my great surprise.

So here we are with this activity :-)

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