Sunday 16 February 2014


Record Down Your Family's History

Record down your family history by interviewing the elders in the family. Make it into a family writing project. It will be even more fun if you publish it into a book  It will help your children know their roots and ensure that the family stories are passed down from generation to generation.

No one has a perfect and a glorious unbroken family history. So be it successes or challenges that our great grandparents have overcome or weaknesses that we should avoid, we can still learn a lot from them.

My sister-in-law, MB, is amazing with her drive and perseverance in writing and publishing this book called "Mit livs mosaik" through a series of interviews with my father-in-law that took a year and recording down the memories he shared. She then gave this book to him and all of us for Christmas. What a brilliant idea and the best present for my father-in-law and all of us!

It inspires me to sit down with my father to learn more about their childhood, their parents, their grandparents and their great grand parents. It will help me find a conversation topic with my dad.

It also inspires me to sit down with my grandma next time I am in Singapore and record down all her stories. She loves to tell stories, but alas, no one listens.

We are now reading this book with J during our Weekly Family Meeting Night (WFMN) on Sunday where we have a lot of fun learning about our family together:

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