Monday 17 February 2014


Sample Weekly Family Meeting Night (WFMN) Agenda

Here is a sample of a Weekly Family Meeting Night. It doesn't have to be so involved in the beginning. You can cherry-pick some of them and give it a soft start.

For example start on a Sunday or Monday evening after dinner to plan the week ahead.

This is an ambitious agenda of a perfect family. But no family is perfect. Don't feel the needs to cover all points and don't feel the need to stick strictly to the time. Go with the needs and the situation of the moment and the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you are a Christian, pray for your WFM. Pray before you meet together.

Weekly Family Meeting Night Agenda (2 hours)

7-7.10pm: Review Family Calendar (10 mins)

Start by reviewing the family calendar on upcoming events so everyone would know what are going on. Confirm social and family commitments for the coming week. Sync and resolve any scheduling conflicts. Plan the activities for the coming spring, summer, autumn or winter and agree on when to take the annual leaves.

7.10-7.20pm: Practicalities (10 mins)

Plan meals for the week. Discuss transportation needs. Get an overview of the upcoming school projects and schedule separate time to attend to it. Sign any birthday cards that need to be posted.

7.20-7.30pm: Short Lesson (10 mins)

For example, read a chapter of a book out loud together or to each other e.g. The 7 Habits of highly families and share a principle of life. Discuss the stories together.

7.30-7.40pm: Talent Show (10 mins)

Sometimes encourage the kids to put up a talent show as an opportunity to share how they are coming along with their music or dance lessons.

7.40-7:50pm: Family Council (10 mins)

Face and work through problems together. Give a hug and a shoulder to cry on, or cry together. Listen attentively without interrupting. Do not judge. Make decisions together as a family. A family that stands and cries together, stays together.

7.50-8pm: Review Goals & Family Mission Statement (10 mins)

Talk about what kind of family you want to be. Review your family mission statement periodically to see if it is integrated into your lives and if your family is living it.

Review the goals to see how everyone has progressed. It can be as simple as, "This week I want to learn how to use the chopsticks." or "I want to learn how to tie the shoelaces." or "I want to master the piece Itsy Bitsy Spider on the piano." Then write down new goals for the next week.

8-8.10pm: Dream Together (10 mins)

Listen to other family's members' dream. For example, dream about what you wish you could change about your home. Get excited about Daddy's new car :-)

8.10-8.20pm: Thanksgiving & Affirmation (10 mins)

Share one thing each family member is grateful for, one thing another family member has done well, or one thing they are especially looking forward to.

8.20-8.30pm: Sing & Pray (10 mins)

End by praying together and singing one of the family’s favorite songs, e.g. for the Covey's family, it is “Love at Home” by John Hugh McNaughton.

8.30-9pm: Fun Time (30 mins)

Have fun e.g. play board game, conduct a Science experiment together, make an album of family pictures, view past old photo albums together, read and discover the family history together e.g. book about Johannes Friis written by Mikala Burman, wrestling with the children, build a fort with sheets for a cozy encave, etc.

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