Monday 17 February 2014


Ideas for Weekly Family Fun Night (WFFN)?

Family Fun Night (FFN) provides a way to show unconditional love and acceptance for children, thereby building self-esteem of children based on Existence. It doesn't have to be expensive. It should ideally not be used as withdrawal of privileges during discipline of children. It can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Here are some fantastic ideas of my own and those I have gathered from the different books I read:
  1. Sleep in the bathroom
  2. Sleep in tent together
  3. Sleep in walk-in wardrobe together
  4. Build a fort with sheets, tables and chairs and sleep in it together overnight
  5. Have a meal under a table
  6. Bake, make pancakes, dried apple chips, etc. together
  7. Drink hot chocolate under cozy candle lights
  8. Make ice-cream together
  9. Make Chinese dumplings together
  10. Make popcorn together
  11. Rent videos and pop popcorn
  12. Visit to the pizza or sushi bar
  13. Visit your favorite restaurant
  14. Go out for ice-cream
  15. Play cards or board game
  16. Jump on the backyard trampoline
  17. Play a game of volley ball in the backyard
  18. Play tennis, pingpong, basketball, etc.
  19. Hike up a nearby mountain, build a fire, roast marshmallows
  20. Make bon-fire and roast snorbrød
  21. Go canoeing
  22. Visit museum – art museum, science museum, dinosaur museum
  23. Visit a National Park or nature playground
  24. Swimming
  25. Horse-ridding
  26. Go to a movie
  27. Go to the water park
  28. Go to the driving range and let everyone hit a bucket of golf balls, finish with a root beer float at home.Go bowling
  29. Play mini-golf at a recreation center
  30. In summer, go swimming in the lake and kayaking, pluck strawberries.
  31. In winter, go sledding, have snow fight, build snowman together, go ice-skating on the lake, drink hot chocolate.
  32. Write and illustrate a book
  33. Have a do absolutely do nothing day and let the children set the agenda and pick whatever they want to do.
  34. Or surprise the children that they do not know what to expect
  35. Visit where Mom and Dad used to lived together
  36. Visit where Mom and Dad used to date together
  37. Watch inspiring basketball movie with your son, if he is into basketball


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