Thursday 27 February 2014


J Summary (4Y11M22D) - Good Words from His Kindergarten

This morning I fetched J to the kindergarten today, and one of the staff, T, saw me and told me how clever J is. I was very surprised and glad to hear and asked what he was doing so well. She said that he was very good at swimming yesterday (Once every two weeks, the teachers will bring the kids to swimming and yesterday J went swimming with them).

Have been struggling with some tough trials and tribulations in other areas of my life that are not going so well. Tears can't help dropping down my cheeks and I ask God for his deliverance. Although God has not delivered me from those trials, but God just sent His love and encouragement and in the area of motherhood that is going very well at the moment to encourage me. Oh thank you God.

Thank God also for showing me that my perseverance and hardwork of taking J to the swimming class every Friday seems to have reaping the benefits.

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