Sunday 23 February 2014


J Summary (4Y11M18D) - Our First Weekly Family Meeting Night (WFMN)

Our first family meeting went well, despite a little rough start.

The meeting finally got started at 6.30pm, half an hour later than planned. Thus, I didn't have time to prepare a nice snack - just plain drinking water, but that was also fine.

J was very excited, but fell off his chair quite badly just at the start of the meeting and hurt himself. The next 5 mins was hijacked by crying that felt like it lasted an eternity... followed by sitting on Daddy's or my lap for the rest of the evening.

The review of our calendar took longer than planned - 30 mins compared to 10 mins. We did read together the my father-in-law's book "Mit livs mosaics," although I completely forgot to read the ABC Bible Verses book!

J's frequent disruption in the meeting was fortunately saved by this bell, which I rang to get order and regard for the meeting.

Despite that, it was a success as it was better than what I had imagined it would turn out - we did hold the meeting, we did keep it light rather than burdensome and there was lots of cooperativeness from everyone. God has answered my prayer.

I am thankful that:

1. Despite all the fumbling, we managed to hold the meeting.
2. J's excitement for the meeting - he was the first to sit down by the sofa table.
3. We managed to review our calendar.
4. We managed to read a book together and it was fun.
5. J was willing to perform a piece for us on the piano (although the piece was only good enough for our ears.)
6. We managed to open and end the meeting with a prayer.
7. Everyone was very cooperative to share one thing each was grateful for that day, including J.
8. We managed to sing a song, "Jesus Loves Me," and J was enthusiastic and Daddy went along without feeling (too) bored.
9. We managed to inject some fun, instead of just discussing the mandane. We didn't have the time to play a real board game, but we played 4-in-a-line and had fun together.
10. I got to know Daddy's and J's goal and I was very touched. It was a wise goal J had set for himself, and give me a chance to follow-up and encourage him for the next week.

For our meeting next week, hopefully I will manage to make a healthy snack or drink - avocado milkshade - that was what I promised to J.

Our actual agenda turned out like this:

Weekly Family Meeting Night Agenda (1.5 hours)

Date: Sunday 23 February 2014
Time: 6.30-8pm (1.5 hours)

6.30-7pm: Review Family Calendar (30 mins)

We opened with a word of prayer.

Discussed Chinese cultural trip to China end July early August or receiving Chinese students's visit to Denmark. Review practicalities for next week.

7-7.25pm: Short Lesson (30 mins)

Daddy read aloud chapter 1 of the book "Mit livs mosaics" published by my sister-in-law to J and we learned about our family history together:

You can see more pictures here:

7.25-7.30pm: Talent Show (10 mins)

J played "Lille Peder Eddekop" (although the piece was only good enough for our ears):

7.30-7.40pm: Set Goals for Next Week, Thanksgiving & Affirmation (10 mins)

Mom: "Next week, I aim to finish my CIPS 4 assignment."
Dad: "To prepare for his PDD and to go to bed early."
J: "Not to get into argument with other kids in kindergarten."

J was grateful for his cousin Nikoline's help with making his birthday cake today.
I am grateful to Daddy for helping me with a difficult task today and he did it without me asking. Daddy was grateful that I organized the family meeting and my enthuaism to bring the family closer together.

We introduced the family cheers and ended the meeting with it:

7.40-7.45pm: Sing & Pray (10 mins)

We closed with a word of prayer, thankful that our family meeting got on well, despite a little challenging start. We sang one song, "Jesus loves me."

7.45-8pm: Fun Time (15 mins)

We played 4-in-a-line game.

We didn't manage to do School Time this evening, as all the time before bedtime was used on family meeting. But it was all worth it.

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Here are some healthy homemade snacks and drinks to entice your family to come for the meeting :-)

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