Thursday 13 February 2014


J Summary (4Y11M9D)

We haven't really played the piano for a few days. More because of me. If I could not resist to put pressure on J (although I do so unconsicously), I should not try.

Yesterday, we played the piano. He played the simple tune "Yankee Doodle." He stopped at that, and did not proceed on to more difficult piece. I did not push.

This evening, I asked if he would like to play the piano and it should be Itsy Bitsy Spider, he said ok. So we played the piano again. I managed to check myself not to correct J when he played and to go more at his pace. By evening, he played really well as a result, and without so much pressure caused by me. Lille Peder Edderkop. It really did help, when I was not so insistent on follow-through and thoroughness. I was also more positive as I encouraged him. I managed to strike a better balance today.

I am glad I did not extinguish his passion for the piano, as I continue to work on myself.

I will pray that I will be able to continue to strike a good balance and that God's grace and wisdom will enable to try again, when I fail.

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