Sunday 9 February 2014


Fish Bee Hoon Soup 鱼片米粉

1. 100-150g fish sliced (I used salmon in this picture, but it is usually some white fish)
2. 1 tomato
3. 2 slices of ginger
4. Some vegeables such as lettuce
5. 1 squeeze of lemon juice
6. 2 TBS Chinese rice wine
7. 1 litre water
8. 1 cup fresh skimmed milk or 1/2 evaporation milk
9. Salt & Pepper

1. Fry fish and ginger on the pan until golden.
2. Add water, milk and Chinese rice wine.
3. Add tomatos and lettuce.
4. Add lemon juice
5. Lowe heat and simmer until cooked

Additional Information:
Had this dish while bank in Singapore and Australia. Trying to re-create it. It tastes a little different, but healthier with skimmed milk, but other than that, J said that it tasted like the Chinese fish bee hoon soup we shared in Melbourne. So that was a success :-)

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